Your guide to Melasma: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
September 21, 2023
Melasma is a skin condition that transcends age and skin type, impacting individuals from all walks of life. However, the factors that give rise to melasma aren't always understood by […]

Pregnancy: Pigmentation, Stretch marks and other Skin Changes

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
June 15, 2023
Pregnancy is a special time, full of joy and anticipation as you prepare to welcome a new baby. But what you may not quite welcome are the physical transformations that […]

Home Remedies to Complement Pigmentation Removal Treatment

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
May 15, 2023
Pigmentation is a common skin problem in Singapore. It can be caused by various factors, including sun exposure, hormonal changes, and genetics. At 1Aesthetics, we recommend laser treatments for our […]

Developing a Skincare Routine for Pigmentation

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
May 13, 2023
Many people strive for a clear and even complexion, but pigmentation can sometimes get in the way. Because Asian skin has more pigment and more active pigment-producing cells, it is […]

Foods That Can Help Reduce Skin Pigmentation

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
November 4, 2022
While hyperpigmentation is not a skin condition that requires urgent medical care, you will see small patches of your skin turning darker, potentially driving you to seek pigmentation removal treatment. […]

Pigmentation Removal/Treatment Singapore: An Aesthetics Doctor’s Guide

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
August 6, 2021
Dark spots on our skin are our worst enemies on our darkest days. Don’t let skin pigmentation get you down! Let us help you understand more about pigmentation removal treatments […]

Pigmentation In Asian skin: How Are We Different?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
June 7, 2021
Did you know that compared to Caucasians, Asians have a higher SPF of about 3 to 5, or twice the level of natural UV protection from the sun? Ethnic groups […]

How Skin Changes During Pregnancy & Products You Should Avoid

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
February 17, 2021
Every pregnancy is unique and comes with its highs and lows. Most pregnant women, however, experience skin-related changes due to hormonal changes. Some go through 9 months of perfect skin […]

How Does Genetics Affect The Way We Form Pigmentation?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
February 3, 2021
We all have unique eyes, hair and skin. This is all thanks to melanin, a natural skin pigment that gives us our colour. In our lifetime, our skin can become […]

Should I Be Worried About My Freckles?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
January 20, 2021
Some love their freckles, and I’m sure they're not alone. They’re a reminder of happy, carefree days spent frolicking under the sun and the games played with the kids on court. […]

Chemical Peels vs Lasers: What's Better For Hyperpigmentation?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
December 1, 2020
We’ve come a long way from applying topical medications for our pigmentation. While these prescription creams do work, they often require a lot of patience and often only work for […]

Pigmentation In Singapore: A Doctor’s Tips

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
December 1, 2020
Pigmentation or hyperpigmentation is not foreign to many in Singapore, as our year-round tropical climate makes us susceptible to dark spots. Pigmentation refers to patches of skin that are darker than […]
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