Is TCA CROSS The Best Ice Pick Scar Removal Treatment?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
October 2, 2022
Ice pick scars, like the name suggests, look like the skin has been subjected to an ice pick attack. These deep gouges are often very noticeable and unsightly leading many […]

Keloid Scar Removal Surgery: Are Your Keloids Suitable?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
September 12, 2022
Keloid scar removal surgery is notorious for failure. Modern surgical techniques and ancillary treatments can greatly improve the chances of successful keloid scar removal surgery. However, this does not take […]

Letting Go Of The Past: Removing Acne Scars

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
September 9, 2022
Sometimes, the past leaves a tangible mark on us. Whether it is teenage acne, or something a little more recent, acne scars can appear in glaringly obvious spots on the […]

What Everyone Ought To Know To Prevent Nose Thread Lift Scars

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
August 1, 2022
Nose thread lift scars can happen. Most patients and indeed doctors would consider scarring from nose thread lifts to be rare. It is, indeed, uncommon to develop scarring from nose […]

Is Keloid Scar Removal Surgery Worthless?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
July 28, 2022
Keloid scar removal treatment is a long and frustrating process. Many patients have undergone multiple painful steroid injections that may have only reduced the size of the keloid but not […]

How Can Growth Factors Treat Mole Removal Scarring?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
July 13, 2022
Mole removal is one of the most common medical aesthetics procedures in Singapore. Hardly a day goes by in our clinic without a mole removal inquiry, consultation, or procedure. After […]

Keloid Scar Removal Injections - Beyond Just Steroids

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
June 2, 2022
Many medical aesthetics, plastic surgery, dermatology, and even GP clinics in Singapore offer keloid scar removal treatment. Intralesional steroid injections are first-line and probably the most common form of intervention […]

Can Threadlifts Help With Acne Scar Removal?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
February 3, 2021
Acne may come and go, but acne scars last forever and can surface as young as your teenage years. They aren’t straightforward to treat as well; to date, atrophic scars are the […]

Ice Pick Acne Scars: Causes, Identification & Treatment Explained

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
November 13, 2020
Acne scars fall under two categories: hypertrophic scars and atrophic scars. Hypertrophic scars are raised scars that grow due to excess tissue growth, atrophic scars are depressed acne scars that grow […]

Is Laser Really The Best Method To Cure Acne Scars?

by Dr Wan Chee Kwang
November 13, 2020
Almost everyone develops acne at some point in their lives, but for some, they’re left with unsightly acne scars that can severely impact their self-confidence. For years, there’s been an […]