Nose Thread lift in Singapore

what is it?

Due to Asian genetics that tend towards shorter and flatter nose bridges with broader and less defined nose tips, many patients in Singapore don't possess the high, well-defined nose bridge that they desire. 

Originating from Korea, nose threadlifts in Singapore are rapidly becoming more and more popular. Biocompatible surgical sutures or threads are inserted into the nose via a tiny needle puncture, to augment and lift the height of the nose. These threads are made of polydioxanone (PDO), a 100% absorbable material used for many years in surgery.


Once inserted, the threads occupy space, immediately supporting and defining the nose bridge. Over time, the threads act as a scaffold to stimulate collagen production while gradually dissolving naturally.

Benefits of Nose Threadlift

what makes it special?

Narrower, more defined nose bridge

Unlike fillers that tend to spread towards the side leading  widening of the nose bridge after injection (the so-called ‘avatar nose’), threads stay in position and are unlikely to migrate. 

Natural Feel

Fillers are gels. Even the hardest filler feels firm at best. Nose threads feel more like a real nose to touch.

No risk of vascular blockage

Filler injections into the nose carry a risk of the gel-like materail entering the blood vessels causing obstruction. This can lead to interruption of blood supply to the skin or even the eyes or brain, leading to death of tissues. Nose threadlift uses suture material to act as a solid filler, avoiding this risk.

1Aesthetics's View on Nose Threadlift in Singapore

dr wan's perspective

Threadlifts for nose bridges can give results amazingly close to that of nose implants, making it suitable for patients that desire results yet hesitate to go under the knife. This is provided a sufficient number of threads with the correct length, thickness are inserted precisely to support the nose structure.


Many times, patients are fixated on getting the cheapest nose threadlift in Singapore but like most things, you get what you pay for. Nose threadlifts in Singapore may be offered cheaply but often only involve the insertion of a few standard length threads (typically fewer than 10). Nose threads actually come from the supplier in standard thicknesses and lengths, pre-mounted on insertion cannulas. Many doctors would use these without further customization to the patient’s nose structure. Why? Because this is fast, easy and doesn’t cost much for the doctor.


Standard sized threads can sometimes work well without customizing – if you happen to have a standard size nose or something very close. Other times, standard size threads may lead to problems:

  • Too short – May lead to a “step-off” over the nose bridge or nose tip
  • Too long – May lead to a curved or crooked bridge if pushed all the way in or risk thread protrusion through the nose tip if not pushed all the way in

Compared to just inserting standard threads, customization takes more than twice the time but it will produce a more nuanced and bespoke result catered to your individual nose structure that complements your facial features.

Frequently Asked Questions

let us clear your doubts!

Numbing cream is applied before the procedure, after which local anaesthesia is injected along the nose. This numbs the whole area completely and you do not feel anything during the nose threadlift procedure.

There can be tiny marks from the local anaesthesia injections and a small needle puncture at the nose tip through which the threads are inserted. Like any injectable treatment involving a needle, there may be some swelling, bruising or soreness. This can persist for a few days to a week.

As with any injection procedures, infection is possible. Proper sterility at a licensed medical clinic will greatly reduce this risk.

Once inserted into your nose, the threads will take anywhere between 6 to 12 months to completely dissolve. This will depend on individual lifestyle habits, metabolism, genetics as well as how many threads were inserted. 

Repeated treatment can sometimes lead to longer lasting results because the threads also stimulate collagen production that accumulates and fills up the area. Hence some results may remain for a few more months even after the threads are absorbed.

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