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Dr Wan (MBBS, MRCS) is an accredited Singapore aesthetics physician. Meticulous by nature, Dr Wan enjoys the scientific precision and intricate artistry of medical aesthetics. Dr Wan believes that happy patients are his best advertisements.

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

3 weeks 1 day ago

Acne scarring treatments are one of the most sought after medical aesthetics treatments in Singapore and with good reason. Unlike many skin conditions which can be covered up, the uneven craters of acne scars resist camouflage despite thick layers of makeup.

Yes, acne scarring can be one of the most stubborn conditions to treat, and it is a long and difficult process to repair what is broken. Nowadays though, I have personally seen obvious improvements with new technology and treatment protocols. Many of my patients actually feedback that they can see more visible results in much fewer sessions that they would never have experienced with older lasers.

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

2 months 1 week ago

Tattoo removal technology is not as developed as people think it is. It is far from foolproof salvation where you can just pay a few hundred dollars, go for a couple of laser sessions and have perfect tattoo-free skin instantly.

What if you really really want to remove your tattoo then? What must you be aware of, for your tattoo removal to be successful?

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

2 months 3 weeks ago

Nose threadlifts are great for making the nose bridge higher in most cases but can have problems of their own. Many of these problems stem from technique issues:

1) trying to use nose threadlifts to do spot enhancement especially nose tip projection
2) relying on standard threads without customization

Nose threads actually come from the supplier in standard thicknesses and lengths, pre-mounted on insertion cannulas. Many doctors would use these without further customization to the patient’s nose structure.

Why? Because it is much faster. Customizing the threads takes a lot of time.

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

5 months 5 days ago

This is old news, I know.

But every year or so without fail, there will be similar reports of how patients' health has been harmed by irresponsible sellers taking advantage of the desire to have clearer skin.

Pigmentation is very common in sunny Singapore. Melasma, which commonly afflicts women, is particularly troublesome and difficult to manage.

Desperate patients often turn to creams purchased online, from MLM marketers, or beauty salons. While many of these are ineffective at worst, some of these creams of dubious origin contain harmful ingredients such as mercury or steroids. Such creams may show good lightening effects but the adulterants could cause serious health problems to your skin, your health and even your family.

How can you tell if a skin lightener contains harmful ingredients by looking at it?

The short answer is: You really can't. Even HSA has to test them in a lab.

While you can't tell for sure, here are some red flags to watch out for:

1. Mercury - May be listed as calomel, cinnabaris, hydrargyri oxydum rubrum, quicksilver, mercuric
2. A warning that tells you to keep the product away from silver, gold, rubber, aluminium, and jewellery.
3. Skin thinning, new blood vessels over the application area
4. Symptoms such as fatigue, weight gain, muscle aches, anxiety or tremors

Cosmetic creams may be cheaper than seeing a qualified doctor and proper treatment but may end up doing more harm than good.

Such risks are not worth taking.

Please get the proper treatment from an experienced doctor.

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

4 months 3 weeks ago

Many doctors have given up on treating melasma. I’ve had patients tell me that the previous doctors and even specialist dermatologists that they had consulted had declined to treat them, advising them to just accept the way their face looks.

Why? Because they find melasma just too difficult to treat.

Worse still, some patients turn to dubious treatments which could end up causing more problems instead.

Here’s what I feel works

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

5 months 4 days ago

A Chinese language tabloid in Singapore recently broke the sensational news of a young lady’s death.

She had allegedly died after receiving Botox injections.

Panic gripped many friends and patients. I received numerous questions: Could Botox really kill someone? Is it still safe to go for Botox? What could have happened?

To be honest, I find it quite unbelievable that the death could have been directly caused by the cosmetic usage of Botox.

As a medical aesthetics physician, botulinum toxin injections are a straightforward procedure that I perform very frequently. I feel that it’s my duty to give a balanced viewpoint on the scientific facts and what could have gone wrong.

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

5 months 2 days ago

Melasma can be frustrating to deal with but it can be treated and managed. Many patients have good results and clearer skin with proper medical treatment.

It does take effort to control the risk factors, use medications and supplements to suppress the melasma, and come for laser sessions to clear the pigmentation. A close partnership between you and your doctor is necessary for great outcomes.

Read Dr Wan's full article at: askdr1.com.sg

Dr Wan Chee Kwang

5 months 4 days ago

Up to 78% of people experience tattoo regret.

Today, I am going to give a comprehensive overview of the common pitfalls with laser tattoo removal and reveal 5 indispensable tips that will help remove tattoos more safely and effectively.

In the process, I will share secret new cutting edge techniques based on the latest research.

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